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Saved Zooms disappearing

Samppa Hannikainen



is there some more specific documentation about saved zooms somewhere?  I'm experiencing such behavior that the zooms I've saved will disappear. This seems to happen at least in teamwork when I release all my reservations. This would not be a super bad issue otherwise, but to my horror, all the views that use these saved zooms will actually show a "Missing()" zoom in their view settings and reset to zero rotation, which is definitely not optimal in my case.


The saved zooms feature would be a very good feature for projects where we have to work in random-ish rotation angles. It would make adjusting rotation angles of views into exactly the same position much more controlled and streamlined. Is what I'm experiencing a bug, or am I simply doing things wrong? 🙂

Win 10 / AC24 / FIN
Patrick Hayes

Hi Samppa, 


Just make sure in your saved view setting you have "Ignore Zoom and Rotation" Unticked. Then it will remember it and bring you back everytime to the same zoom and rotation. If you've had it ticked already, navigate to the view, rotate and zoom to where you want to be, then click the "Get Current Window's Settings" up the top of the view settings, then untick the "ignore..." and it will save with that rotation.

Screenshot 2022-11-15 155218.jpg

Associate | Law Architects
Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for the reply, Patrick! Yes, that is a working solution and I've been using that, but recently discovered the saved zooms feature, which as I understand it would allow preset rotations (and zooms which are not so important for me in my specific use case). I could not find any info about the saved zooms lasting only for the duration of the user having reservations in a teamwork project, or actually any info on why they would disappear so I assume there is something about this that I don't quite understand.


For example are the zooms in a teamwork public or specific to one user? I would guess they are specific to one user, because there is no need to reserve "zoom settings" when adjusting them or anything like that.

Win 10 / AC24 / FIN
Samppa Hannikainen

As there seems to be no solution or any extended documentation could I suggest that the current documentation would be revised so that it would be apparent to the user how the saved zooms settings behave.

Win 10 / AC24 / FIN