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Schedule - Error


Schedule count & information (e.g., Related Zone Name) get effected by layers, which are turned ON/OFF from the open plan view.


One can add criteria in Schedules for layers to include or exclude but schedule count gets changed based on open plan view layers from where one is opening schedule is bit strange.


Has anyone come across similar issue while working on schedules. Supporting screenshots file attached here for reference.


Image 01: Shows floor plan with all layer ON condition

Image 02: Shows criteria set in schedule, schedule shows all Zone names and all chairs placed in zones

Image 03: Plan with only Zone A ON.

Image 04: If we close and reopen the same schedule, related zone name for zone b goes missing.


Barry Kelly

You need to save a 'View' of your schedule.

When you do that in the view settings you can tell it which layer combination to use.

You then use the schedule in the View Map - this is the one you should be placing on your layout.


If you run a schedule from the Project Map, it will use the current screen settings.

You shouldn't need layer combination in your criteria.




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Thanks Barry

With your solution, schedules work fine now. 

After having criteria set in schedules, we were not expecting any temporary change in schedules based on any open plan view, from where we are opening the schedule. 

Such unexpected schedule behavior happens only when we add Related Zone field.

Thanks Barry. Makes perfect sense now - frustrating when you don't know.

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