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Schedules, revisions and layouts

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I haven't found any articles about this and can't really get my head into this so;

If you use Archicad's revisions and change managements - how can these be applied to schedules for example door or window schedules? All drawings, where I can mark a revision, shows in layouts revision lists, but this doesn't seem to be possible in schedules in the same way? I can't connect a change in a schedule to show in a revision list on layout?

If I have an interactive schedule in layouts - split into many layouts - how do I keep track of changes/ show changes?

The only way til now that I can think of doing it, is having my interactive schedule on layout and adding changes to the layout itself. Say I've changed the size of a window in story 1 (add change in story 1, change comes visible in drawing in story 1 layout), I then go to my schedule layout and add that change to the schedule layout itself.

Thanks for the help!

Eli Chiasson
The approach you describe is the only way I've come up with as well.

On the Layout where the View of the Schedule is placed, I draw a Change bubble linked to the Change, around the part of the schedule that's been updated.
Eli Chiasson
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