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Sheet Index which includes revision number and revision name

Scott Bulmer
Greetings, we desire to include revision numbers and names as part of our sheet index as seen in the attached screen capture if possible. The referenced sheet index is nicely formatted and indicates/summarizes revisions for each sheet in the set. The text of the Revision names are oriented vertically in columns with a mark if a particular sheet has been revised. This format shows all revisions, not just the current. Is there a way to create a sheet index similar to this? Thank you, Scott
AC27 v. 4060 w/ MEP, Cadimage, Twinmotion 2023.2.2 using AC from AC6.0, 2021 MacPro M1 chip, Adobe CC. Used AC on both platforms.
This is traditional sheet index in USA?

In UK we have quite similar, but a little bit different design.
Also in Israel they place names of recipients (client, engineers, contractor) on each sheet with similar dots.

I did manage to do UK and Israel style with some GDL'ing involved. I also was not possible to do everything completely automatically due GDL language limitations, so some manual input was still required.
I think I can help to create needed sheet index. Please let me know.

See attached examples: