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Tagging composites assemblies consistently

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Is there any way to set a parameter to a composite so that when that specific composite is assigned to a wall (for example) throughout the project, an annotation tag pulls a consistent tag reference from that composite parameter?

It's very common to have a set of wall types and wall assemblies throughout a project that ultimately get an identifying annotation tag that then refer to a schedule. I've only been using ID parameters to pull a wall tag, but that parameter is assigned to individual wall elements, not the composite. Is this a job for IFC parameters and if so what is the best practice?

Basically, I want to generate my 'Wall Type A' composite, and I want all of those walls to be identified as 'Wall Type A' without having to set an individual parameter for each individual wall, regardless of whether the wall is created from scratch or reassigned from another generic or composite wall.

I'm obviously a Revit convert. If anyone is familiar with Revit's wall families and tag parameters, I'm basically hoping ArchiCAD has an analog. I don't know why you'd ever want to identify the same wall type composite with different tags.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Assuming you are on AC19 there is a label "Composite or Profile Name 19". Just name your composite to suit and all such labels will then show "Wall Type A' or whatever else you name them if associated with the wall.
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