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Trace & Reference Palette

Szabolcs Miko
Trace image not aligning across Stories 
- asked by John on ARCHICAD-TALK
Sometimes we can run into issues with Trace & Reference:
  • the ghost drawing is shifted, not aligning with the content of the stories above
  • certain elements missing from the ghost drawing
  • fills only represented by their boundary etc.
Actually these are all consequences of the many "hidden" productivity features of the Trace & Reference palette.
NOTE: the Popup where you can choose the types of elements to show in the trace image is similar to how the Filter and Cut Elements in 3D view dialog looks, but it also works with 2D documenting and drafting tools, such as dimensions, labels, lines, worksheets, details etc. The changes you make here apply to the Reference of the current window only. To apply the settings in this pop-up to all References in the project, click the Apply Settings to All References button.

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