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Vegetation (2D) quantities?




Thinking of scheduling plants, bushes, trees etc. I would like to use fills but can't classify them thus rendering them not suitable for expressions. I need expressions for calculating number of plants per m2. I could make thin slabs that only show in plan view and the schedules but I'd rather keep it 2D. I also need the fill to be visible in the plan view. Any suggestions from you clever people out there?



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Barry Kelly

Zones would give you the ability to create any shape in plan.

You can also add properties with expressions and schedule them.

They can also be zero height.


Otherwise you would need an object that can be manipulated like a polygon.

There have been posts on this forum about polygon style objects for various purposes.



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Hi Barry, is it a good idea to use zones with zero height? In many cases Graphisoft discouraged users from using zero values on anything.

I would rather use Slabs, or even Meshes (if we are talking about landscape),  as Mats sugested. Time required to create slab is the same as when you create Fills. Benefit is that you can use expressions, different surface materials  and one day when the time comes you can show also 3D. Until then you don't have to worry about placement in 3D or surface materials when you need only 2D representation.


My rule is if you hav to do something use BIM elements (simplest than possible) not 2D elements. It can save you lot off time later.



As Lukas writes zones should not be messed with. I use zones only as room space. Scared to death for mixing the objects per room schedules. I did it for now with slabs and a schedule that uses plant density to calculate amount of plats needed per m2. I was also thinking about a generic 2D-polygon surface object like you mention Barry but I figure the slab will give me all data and it's simple to use. I only need to remember that the slabs are only for 2D plan view in certain conditions. The terrain itself will be modeled with LAND4.

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HP Zbook Fury 15,6 G8. 32 GB RAM. Nvidia RTX A3000.

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