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View cone - default angle increase


Convenience of life question - can we change the default value of 75 degrees angle of the perspective view cone? As part of custom user profile maybe? 


I know this is very easy to modify on the go, requires only a few clicks each time, but it bothers me (on a very basic lazy level) not being able to set this value to something I prefer - like 105 degrees (like a proper PC fps gamer, not some lame console guy 😛 ).


I'm also aware that I could make custom view(s) with my preferred view cone angle and be done with it for the project, but there is a problem each time I need to open my work colleague's file that isn't as pedantic and infuriatingly OCD like me - they just wouldn't setup their views with my preferred view cone angle and I'd had to "fix" this all too often. 


I work in 3d a lot and would appreciate a good tip if anyone has one.



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at the start of the project : right-click in 3D view, select "3D Projection Settings" or right click the selected 3D view in Navigator or click the "View/3D View Options" menu.


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It's pretty easy to change the view cone angle from the spot you indicated, I know. My question is about making a more permanent change - do it once and it stays there no matter which project you work on - existing or new.

AC 25
Windows 10
Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz
64.0 GB RAM

I think you will find it is a job (file) setting and not a user based preference setting.

So you need to set it up in each file.

If you change the view cone angle to 105°, close the file and then open it again, and it is still set as 105°, then this setting is saved with the file.


If each file is created from a template, you need to set it up in that template.

This will not affect existing files, only new ones created from that template.


Because you already have many existing files, unfortunately you just have to change each one as you work on it.





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