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Visibility Issue with Site Layout of Sloping Site



I have a sloping site that contains three buildings, all at different levels. To keep things simple I have placed the building models as hotlink modules onto a terrain mesh of the entire site.

I would like to know the best way to create a site layout as I am unable to view all of the building footprints and proposed ground features as they are out of visible range when viewing the site on plan from the ground floor of the building at the highest elevation. I have checked the floor plan display settings and there does not appear to be an 'all stories' option.

There is probably an easy solution, but can't for the life of me work out what it is. Please help!



3 buildings, 3 levels, 3 views.

These can then all be placed on a layout. Placing a few hotspots around your model can be used to help align everything.


Working with sloping sites in AC is such a pain...




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Create a 3D document form ground floor. In the 3d doc. settings you can play with the model display and height values. 
Then you can copy the  required 2d elements from the floorplan. 

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@slimer90 , you can watch this video about creating site plan via 3D document

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