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Wall end line for composites - graphic override

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Let's say I have a project in version 22 (or 20 and above) with composite walls and I want to be able to display them without respective skins - that is to display them as transparent.

For that I can of course create a Graphic Override, which is going to override all cut fills and hide skin separators. Easy so far.

But the problem is, that disabling "skin separators" takes away also all the "wall end lines" between different wall types. Bearing walls, light walls, everything is then connected with a single fill without any separation.

I do not consider a "wall end line" to be a "skin separator" (and neither do my local building codes), so I do not really understand why would it not be visible.

Is there a way to be able to see a wall end line between two different wall types while such "schematic/transparent" graphic override is active?

Creating a separate layer combination for such schematic display with different intersection groups for each "wall type" layer does not really work either when a non-bearing wall connects to a bearing wall with a reference line on the opposite side (see my last screenshot).

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Technically that is not considered a Wall End Line by ARCHICAD since it is between skins of a structure (either another skin of the same structure, or the skin of another structure), and that is why it is not displayed.
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