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Window Dimension Markers - Moving

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Jumping back into AC after a few years away. Obviously lots of changes, but I'm hitting a frustrating wall. I have placed windows with markers and dimensions, and they are not centered on the window. They are frankly all over the place, and they need to be moved to clean them up (unless there's some super sweet "center info on window" button I'm missing). I can only seem to move them in one direction, and it moves both the dimension info and the marker together. Ideas?

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Hi Siobhan,

I assume you're using the standars Marker that comes with Archicad, I think it's called "W Marker". That one, you can move graphically on a plan by clicking on a hotspot that is at the end of Marker's reference/"Extension" line (which seems to be hidden in your case). Just select the window and you should be able to see the hotspot.

Or a better way is to select all your windows and under Window Settings / Marker Symbol and Text / Marker Geometry, you can just change the "Marker Offset" to "0" and the Markers should be centered.


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