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associated dimension to center point

John Weaver
Is there a way to make dimensions to a center point of a line associative rather than static?

I am using 19 on Mac

John Weaver
the problem with the hot spot is that when you stretch the line the hot spot is not associated with the center so you have to move it to the new center. It is just frustrating that with such an automated program we have to come up with manual work arounds for something so simple and that the program had up until a couple of years ago.

Not applicable
Only an idea:
Make an OBJECT of 2 lines in similar length and direction with 3 fix-points.
There is the midpoint, you can change PEN & LINETYPE, if you STRETCH midpoint will move, measure will follow, you can LABEL the ID...
From my point it is better to have an object with a midpoint I can trust for measuring than a “real” line with need to check midpoint manually.
Only disadvantage: ROTATION.
(myself never measured a midpoint of a line)
If you are a bit fit in GDL, add HOTLINE2 in the automatic script of AC.
If you are a bit more fit you can eliminate the disadvantage of rotation by using midpoint for 0,0,0 of the object and make dynamic HoSpos at the end corresponding among each other.
Look at!

Here is the 2d-schript:

!!! Thanks for learning at 🙂))) greets to JS & FB
!!! copy following in 2D-script
!!! At DETAILS-chapter (1st) : OBJECT-TYPE is "DRAWING-SYMBOL"
!!! At PARAMETER-chapter (2nd from top): make NEW paramater "c" as lenght-type and "d" as length-type

cnt = 1
HOTSPOT2 0,0,cnt : cnt=cnt+1

! Vertikale Richtung
HOTSPOT2 d, 0, cnt ,c,1+128 : cnt=cnt+1
HOTSPOT2 d, c, cnt ,c,2 : cnt=cnt+1
HOTSPOT2 d,-1, cnt ,c,3 : cnt=cnt+1
! Horizontale Richtung
HOTSPOT2 0,c, cnt ,d,1+128 : cnt=cnt+1
HOTSPOT2 d,c, cnt ,d,2 : cnt=cnt+1
HOTSPOT2 -1,c, cnt ,d,3 : cnt=cnt+1

! Vertikale Richtung
HOTSPOT2 -d, 0, cnt ,c,1+128 : cnt=cnt+1
HOTSPOT2 -d, -c,cnt ,c,2 : cnt=cnt+1
HOTSPOT2 -d,1, cnt ,c,3 : cnt=cnt+1
! Horizontale Richtung
HOTSPOT2 0,-c, cnt ,d,1+128 : cnt=cnt+1
HOTSPOT2 -d,-c,cnt ,d,2 : cnt=cnt+1
HOTSPOT2 1,-c, cnt ,d,3 : cnt=cnt+1

LINE2 -d,-c,d,c
HOTLINE2 -d,-c,d,c


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