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Hi, Soooooo, suddenly my Archicad 25 is inserting a label with a leader along with my Zone Tool. That is, when using a Zone Tool to define a room boundary and I place the Zone Stamp, a LABEL with the pointer is also inserted. Very bizarre. I tried Mo...

Issue after change of gdl label

HelloWe have an issue with wrong values after changing (overwriting) our gld labels.If in the gdl label, an autotext variable is replaced by another autotext, still the value of the previous autotext is shown. This is very confusing 8-)(It is documen...

Resolved! Parameter of Zone Names

Hi, I am currently working on a BUA calculation schedule of different plot types with different villa types. Is it possible to create a Parameter that will get the value (area) of a specific zone by its name? For example, I have a zone name of PLOT-0...

Resolved! Label Height

Hi all, Does somebody knows how to change the height unit on a property label for a Ceiling Label, For now, is showing inches, but I want to represent it as Feet. Best regards.

Twinmotion 2021 Does not Import All Archicad Data

I have been trying to work with TwinMotion for the first time, and it has been very frustrating. I am using Archicad 25 (build 4013) and TwinMotion 2021.1.4. I am using the Datasmith pallet that was provided on the TwinMotion website to pull my model...

Resolved! View and measurement of fills

Hello, I am making a new template for Archicad 24 and I have run to this problem. I have already done a lot of work, but I provably made some mistake (I do not know where) and now all my fills and materials are displayed in a wrong way. Hatches are n...

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Bara3 by Booster
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Back saving file from 25 to 20.

Good morning! I'll go straight to the point, the office I work in has mostly Archicad 20 licences. Two new employees got Archicad 25 license. Is there a way for them to back save their files so the rest of us can open? I thought Archive file type wou...

AdrianT by Participant
  • 7 replies

Wall missing after Trim Elements To Roof/Shell

I have a wall under a stair and used the "Trim Elements To Roof/Shell" in combination with a "roof" to let the wall follow the slope of the stair. But now, some of the wall is missing on 3D & on Section, but it is still showing on plan.I've highlight...

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