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New labels from an existing+Labels not centered

Hi!I am labeling objects in a project and I am meeting some issues: 1) I label the same objects automatically. The issue is that, as the same objects are labelled, the label line is not centered. How can It be fixed? 2) Is It possible to save a new l...


Resolved! How do I create an auxiliary view?

Hello, does anyone know how to create an auxiliary view? I would like to create a view that is perpendicular to an inclined surface so that there is no orthographic distortion. In this case, I am modeling the framing of a gabled roof. In plan, the va...

Loutro by Contributor
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Resolved! Linked Detail Not Even Visible in the View

Guys, I have problems with creating the linked details from the building section. I actually followed the instructions by watching Archicad Training Series 3-72/84 (see the tutorial link below) and I could not even see the detail in the view 'D-01 De...

Capture 2.PNG Capture 3.PNG
Reysol by Contributor
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Resolved! A 3D Document Cannot be Deleted?

Guys, I have created a 3D document view ( called '3D-02 3D Ground Floor Plan') under the 3D Documents view folder. I am not happy about the result and would like to delete this particular view. I notice that the Delete button is greyed out. Please se...

Reysol by Contributor
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Create grid in section

It seems I can't create or move a grid in section or elevation.Is this correct or am I missing something?

Update issues with plotter

When I installed the latest Archicad update I lost the ability to plot to my Oce TDS 320 Printer/plotter. Has anyone else had this issue?

Distorted 3D view

Hello!In one particular project file in 3D view project gets totally distorted. As you can see in screenshot, the auxiliary green lines are out of perspective and create strange shapes. Also, its impossible to edit. Somebody had the same problem and ...

01.PNG 02.PNG

NON square images [grass effect ]

hello !why can't I make any NON square 3D grass using an IMAGE... !?please see the video. tnksbestclaudio

Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 13.24.33.png