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Resolved! custom classification

Hello, I would like to add a custom classification to my windows and custom-write f. g. colour of the frage, material and so on, but I Achicad always offers me only a choice from certain possibilities. Is there a way how to change the choice or how t...

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Uneditable Dimensions Showing in Elevation Views

Hello, We are having an issue with uneditable floating dimensions showing within our elevations. We cannot figure out where these dimensions are coming from or have been made. They are showing on several different layers but can never be found elsewh...

Beam is not displaying outline properly

I have tried 4 setting to turn off the beam outline. It will not turn off. 1. shows the settings I want but the outline continues to show, axis is on. 2. the outline is turned on, axis is on. 3 and 4 shows the same as 1 and 2 but with axis turned off...

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Resolved! Zone label 25 Graphical issues

Hello all, The new zone label that was introduced in Update2 is definitely a good move, but I have some issues that I am not sure if it is the limitation of the label or I am doing something wrong.As you can see in the attached screenshot I am not ab...


Sky Reflections in Elevations

Hi, I have not been able to work out how to get reflective surfaces to show with sky reflections like they do in the Archicad presentation video for AC25, I follow all steps shown in the video, yet no sky t...

Resolved! How to hide a single object ie Zone

I'm trying to hide just one zone from a floor plan.I still want to show all the other zones. The same plan is used at the same scale in other drawings, so I don't want to edit the Stamp for the scale. I can't use the renovation filter, as the reno fi...

Resolved! Glass transparency in sections/elevations

Hi, I have an elevation with the uncut elements fill set to “Surface - Texture Fill, Shaded. The problem is that if I have a window and in front of this a glass railing the transparency doesn’t work correctly. I added a screenshot so you can see the ...