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Sketchup model in Archicad is not cutting on plan view

Hi there! I have inserted a 3d model from Sketchup into my Archicad file. However, it doesn't cut the SketchUp model in the plan views. It just shows the whole model in every plan. However, it does cut in sections. Would anyone know how I can get the...

Flynn by Participant
  • 1 replies

Expression to return the volume of earth cut

When documenting the earthworks on a project we draw two meshes.One which is based on the original survey data, this mesh doesn't change through the life of the project.The other is a copy of the original, which has all the solid operations etc.Each ...

Screenshot 2021-10-15 152323.png Screenshot 2021-10-15 152714.png

Property expression are rounding to 2 decimal places???

I have the project calculation units set to decimal inches with three decimal places.When i schedule the length of a beam (Beam Left), I get a LENGTH like this --> 133.247"I created a custom property expression to convert this LENGTH to a NUMBER.The ...

gdford by Advisor
  • 7 replies

Zone Stamp Text Sizing Glitch?

I'm using 'Zone Stamp 01 24' and there's one setting that it won't let me change. In the Settings/text and Override Style area it lists text sizes for various scales, 1:50; 1:100; 1:200, and Uniform. If I choose 'Display by Paper Size' it will allow ...


Elevation Label 25

I would like to automate my Top of Foundation elevations and Bottom of Footing Elevations on my foundation plans. All of my foundation walls are drawn as complex profiles including both. The elevations given are provided either in reference to Projec...

TracyGA by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Gravity Tool / Level Dimension Tool

The Gravity Tool/Level Dimension Tool only works for Roof, Shell, Slab, and Mesh. So what if you want to display the elevation of a sloped beam on each end? You can't do it. There is not even a Label that is useful for showing T.O.B. or B.O.B at both...


Resolved! Pen Sets - Layout and View Pens both showing up...

In Layout View, my viewports are not showing the correct color pen sets... They should be showing with the "Layout" pen set, but instead some are showing with the "View" pen set. And the funny thing, one is showing up correctly while two are not, all...

Pen Sets Problem.jpg