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Resolved! Partial sun shadow in 3D view

Any reason why the 3D window rendering will not show shadows on the white walls. The window is showing 3D render selection from the 3D style dialogue box. Does this with every other style as well. Is it because of some setting with the texture map? I...

no shadow.JPG

Show "Wall Surface Area" in zone stamp

Hello everybody!I'm looking for a way to show the "wall surface area" value in the zone stamp.I tried to look into Classification and Properties but you can only have the Walls Inset and the Walls perimeter and no Surface Area.So I tried to add a new...

Schermata 2021-10-21 alle 14.07.13.jpg Schermata 2021-10-21 alle 14.09.08.jpg Schermata 2021-10-21 alle 14.10.49.jpg

Can't inser new dimension point in AC 25

Although I had downloaded AC 25 when it was released, I only started using it this week, as I us Central Innovation Cad IMage tools in my projects, and I was waiting for them to publish their update for AC25. In AC25, I'm unable to insert a new dimen...

3D Detail level of cabinets

Hi Guys. I am hoping someone can assist me with a simply query regarding to the 3D Representation of Cabinet Knobs and Taps. I was able to view them yesterday but today they are unfortunately missing. I have checked the MVO settings and confirmed tha...

ArchiCAD25 Theatre Project

I just watched the webinar on how the advertised project on the Archicad 25 start-up screen was made, but I didn't see or hear anything on how they modeled that exterior shape of the theatre. I was wondering what tool they used. The envelope consulta...