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About Archicad's documenting tools, views, model filtering, layouts, publishing, etc.

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Missing Model View Options

I am having a recurring issue with my template file. I have every view set and saved the way I need it, but after saving it and reopening to add or change items, each view will state, "Missing (Floor Plans)" in within the View Settings. I open the "V...

Red by Enthusiast
  • 30 replies

Spot level marker with offset height

I am trying to place a number of plan view spot level markers that give levels of nodes on a mesh or slab with respect to the current story of the marker, not the absolute level How can I achieve this? Fooling around with the spot level 'elevation va...

Labeling selected elements

Hi I have a question about labeling multiple elements at once with Archicad24. In an older version of archicad there was an option called Label Selected Elements where as the name od the action is told it labels all the elements you have selected... ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Wall build ups:

Hey all, A problem I'm not sure how to fix! This could relate to a wall or roof but for this i will use a wall as an example. I am trying to create a timber frame wall with the following build up. Raised seem zinc. 12mm Plywood. 19x50mm Cross Battens...

Documenting slab/floor outlines

I'm a little bit stumped with regards to the following problem. On a floor plan (excluding single-story buildings) it's pretty common to show the outline of the floor above as dashed. In order to achieve this, you need to set the slab to show on one ...

Documenting proposed site levels

I'm not sure if I'm using the correct workflow. I have a sloping site (mesh), I have used a slab and performed a SEO to create a flat building platform. I then need to add level dimensions to indicate what the proposed levels are. When I use the leve...

Model based construction progress tracking

hi all, we are looking for a way to get a workflow to get the status of construction progress per element (e.g. wall; concrete done, insulation done, plaster done, paint done,...) into the model to visualise progress in the model. Anyone can point us...