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Text Editing Glitch

Hi All, First post so hoping someone can help, and only back on AC after a long break . I am running MacBook Pro M1 with 64GB with AC26 and AC-ARM. I was hoping the ARM release would resolve my text editing glitch, but no.When I edit text, then click...

Element Transfer Settings

For some reason the objects in favorites are not placing on the current storey and are placing on the storey on which they were created (I assume this to be the case, whatever it is they are not placing on the current storey).Ive tested with ETS chec...

Resolved! Label selection.

Hello everyone, During my late extensive work with labels, I noticed that there are 2 selection types. One that is more focused on the text frame and its content, and one where you manipulate the geometry of the label as a whole. My question is, is t...


Resolved! Custom Pen Type keep on disappearing

Hi! I am having a trouble with custom made pen type. I created custom pen type for fill and every time I close the view and return to it, it is white again and the custom made pen type is gone from the fill and from the pen "Library". I can not figur...

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