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Window and Door Customization in Archicad 25

Check out my latest Archicad Tutorial. In this video I talk about custom door leafs, custom door handles, window ganging, and the different wall closure options for windows. #Archicad #archicad25

Resolved! Layout info in GDL

I am trying to find the parameter that represents the drawing WIDTH in GDL... I know it exists because Graphisoft's titles take advantage of it and it is clearly shown in every drawing in the layout in the SETTINGS dialog.. In addition, I have my own...

Column complex profile and schedules

I've made two complex profiles and then made a segmented column.Here is a screenshot from the 3D window And from segment Top and bottom complex profiles are just like slabs middle section everything is 3 cm thick. And all that represents the insulate...

filip_0-1655127041845.png filip_1-1655127064441.png filip_2-1655127103351.png filip_3-1655127121572.png
filip by Booster
  • 3 replies

How to split plan view over multiple layouts?

Hi, I am working on documenting a job on a very long site and, to maintain the required scale, would ideally split the plan views over two layouts. I can of course place a view twice and crop it differently each time, however this leaves a lot of tid...

Waxy by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

Resolved! AC 25 Casework - Kitchen Cabinet behavor

I will not loose sleep about this, but I wonder why?1. The Basic Block 25 library part > Kitchen cabinet settings > Representation, trying to Hide the Counter edges show the Hidden contour line of the Object, it does not displayed, blank, without the...

.BIMx back to Archicad

Hello. We have a problem. Due to war with russians our team member lost a computer (and apartment with home office obviously too) with all original data in .pln, .pla, .pdf, etc. Now we have only .BIMx crap of a model. We are trying to return to work...

Resolved! How to turn off minimal space at objects

How to turn off minimal space at objects? I see that I can turn off doors, windows and so on, but not really in the furniture. And I see that the furniture options itself don't have the option to turn off the minimal space.

cocoloco by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies