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3D View - How to hide doors frame lines

Hi everyone, I want to hide the lines (the orange one) of the frame of the doors in the 3D View. I've managed to hide the opening lines but not the frame lines. How can I do it? I have deactivated them in the View Model Options but it seems not to ha...


Tapered wall

Hi Just wondering if you could confirm whether Archicad 25 has the option to create a tapered wall (top edge) without having to trim it using a solid element fuction? Thanks

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Multi-Line text in dimensions in 26 is so inefficient now

Archicad has added additional steps to add text to dimensions which slows the dimensioning process down considerably compared to 25 and many previous versions.Is there an option to have all dimension text as Multi-line text by default to lessen the n...

Stair modelling

Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble modelling a weird existing stair in AC26. Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to model a stair with a trapezoidal shape and if it's possible how?? Attached is an image of the stair in a 2d plan (in ...

Resolved! Random Origin Point

why does this random User Origin Point appear when i sometimes try to move another element that's nowhere near it? there are times when this random Origin Point appears hundreds of meters away. It affects the parallel constraints when i try to drag t...

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Resolved! Elevation Lines not appearing on Floorplans

Hello, I've never had this happen before within my settings for my elevation marker as I'm trying to highlight the extension lines for my elevations & sections markers on the floorplans.I've tested out using other markers to see if the settings would...