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detail level of window & door dissimilar in 3d


AC24 - and suddenly a big surprise:


with same renovation filter, model view etc, doors show no transparent glass & windows none at all, and the HV astragals have disappeared. 
I am at a loss as to why this has suddenly come about. Other files are not affected.

I have tried copying just walls into a new file, but no solution presented itself. Any ideas?


Barry Kelly

Level of detail is controlled separately for doors and windows in the Model View Options.

As well as that, I believe each object has the ability to over-ride the MVO settings and use those set in the actual object.



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it almost looks like that door has a surface override; which is hidden in the default work environment for the door/window settings. If the door is set to "by MVO" and mvo is full detail, and the renovation filter and graphic overrides are not set to override anything, check your work environment > tool settings & dialog boxes > door tool, and make sure the "model" panel is on for doors/windows/skylights (screen shot attached). Then in the door settings, make sure there is no surface override set. 

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