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Good morning to everyone from Athens!
I work on Archicad 25. but I design interiors, custom furniture and special applications. which photorealictic software do you recommend as the most suitable? I have twinmotion, but I think it is not so good for interiors and objects. I am interested in the texture of the materials, the lighting and the shading. thanks!




The best software is the one that you have, and know how to use to achieve what you need.

If you got free TM license with your Archicad license, that is the best price/performance ratio that you will get, and you need to invest your time into learning how to achieve what you need. QuixelMegascans have some amazing textures.

Speaking of investing the time, the built in renderer is QUITE powerful, IF you spent the time doing the settings and learning how to use it to the full power. It does have raytracing, unlike TM.

Other obvious TM like candidates are Enscape and Lumion.

Still rendering, old favourites like Artlantis, Vray and others...

... and whatever you do, remember: the software does nothing. We do everything.


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For interior design, Enscape is the way to go! The quality of the interior renderings  is much higher than TM, we tried them all (TM, Lumion, Corona). Decided on Enscape and loving it! We use it on a daily basis in our studio. The best thing is that you do not have to leave Archicad, all real time!


Any suggestions and experience in any photorealistic software are welcome.
I do not change the Archicad as a legal holder of a commercial license but also as a favorite software!
thank you all!


You could also look into the AC => TM => UE workflow.

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there are several ways in achieving photo realistic renderings all the options mentioned are good. I just want to share also one of the rendering route i use.

IF by any chance you are using AMD GPU you can utilize their Pro Render technology ( ) as long as you have AMD GPU free to use.

You can also download Blender ( ) also an open source where you can import models in Archicad and render it using pro render some what similar to 3dsmax -Vray workflow also got real-time render previews. Hopes this helps you. 😎

In the end what is your Objective?
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I believe nVidia works too with ProRender, though haven't tried it yet.


I would love ProRender within Archicad 3D window as live render output and for final render too. I do realize AC model can be demanding for things like this, but still.


I have tried it in Cinema 4D in earlier stages of development, and liked it a lot. I just can't justice myself C4D anymore for viz only. And it too has become a subscription service only.


There should be Rhino support now too (again), at least according to AECMag:

It's not listed on the ProRender page, but will install from inside Rhino it seems. Will try that one later.

To install, simply search for AMD ProRender for Rhino in the Rhino Package Manager (Rhino command “Package Manager”), download and install. It is available for the latest Windows and Mac OS.

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i think until Graphisoft solves the material editor issues within Archicad it will not be that straight forward.

I have tried Enscape as well and when i do some material changes within the Enscape material editor it does something funny with the material within geometry when you are viewing it within Archicad 3d view so i end up doing a different kind of workflow with different rendering softwares. 😅 so far the most straight forward and smooth experience in my opinion is Archicad to Lumion via live sync. I tried Twinmotion kinda buggy the software as of now but i know they will get there then Twinmotion to Unreal a bit time consuming in terms of setting up.

Most of the time we are all rushing to send renderings to clients.

On the other hand i have used Enscape for white model rendering the by far the best. Cinerender, Red shift doesn't give you that ability to render images that quickly. 😎

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards


Thank you for your help!
While working on the Archicad since 6.5, I had given up photorealism for years. Also my knowledge of hardware is limited. I'm currently working with
Asus TUF Gaming F15 FX506HE Laptop (Core i7 11800H / 16 GB / 512 GB / RTX 3050 Ti 4 GB) and connect it with the screen LG 27UL500-W Monitor 27 "4K 3840x2160,
IPS Panel
HDR 10
sRGB 98%
With color calibration
Radeon FreeSync ™ / HDCP 2.2
DAS, BlackStabilizer.
what of the ones you suggest I could do with these machines?

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