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scale sensitive drawings (walls slabs etc) in AC 17+

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Hi all, I'm sorry if this topic is repeated, I couldn't find the answer anywhere.

I'm migrating from a pre-"priority based connection" version of Archicad (15) to the new system - I know i'm late, but this topic is what actually stopped me from migrating before. And by the way, AC 15 still works great for me but, I can't stop in time right?

Ok, I'll model everything detailed from the element itself, including bricks and plaster for example, but what if I don't want to display ALL the lines, material fills etc in a 1:100 or 1:75 scale drawing for example?

It's not working for me, the detailed profiles are great at 1:50 or 1:25, but what if I need a smaller scale? How can I represent that oldschool "contour line only" wall if everything is modeled now?

I'm sorry if this looks lame, but, I didnt find the answer myself.

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