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spot elevation to composite floors



It seems like an easy question but could not find it on the forum. 

I have composite slabs and I like to give spot elevation to them. I will need finished concrete level and floor finish level value. but can't find a way to do it with a spot elevation tool.

I can model concrete & buildup by different slabs and I can gravitate them separately but I hope that there is an option for that since it is a pretty basic thing. 


many thanks 



Yeah, no. Kind of.

So there is of course a way to do this - you have to change the Partial Structure Display setting to show the load bearing structure for example and then add the elevation, nice and easy.

But - this is where Graphisoft overthought this in my opinion - they get hidden when you switch back. So if you want to use this, you have to overlay two plans with different PSD settings on a layout.

The other way which we use, is to place a label (AUT Bauteilhöhe, INT Building Elemnt Height?). They have the ability to show the right elevation, but only for slabs. And you have to add a symbol separately.

Steve Jepson

The Gravity Tool will work on a Roof, Slab, Mesh, and a Shell; and that includes Composite Slabs and Composite Roofs.

 For what ever its worth, I almost always model concrete slabs/flatwork as Roofs because just about all the concrete flatwork in my projects has some slope to it.  


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Erwin Edel

There is a way to do this, it requires a few things to work:


  1. you need to set up 'core' and finish' layers properly in your composite
  2. you need to set the reference plane of the slab to the top of the core
  3. now you can use a text label and add autotext to show the dimension to either 'top to project zero' or 'elevation to project zero'. Top will show the finished slab and the other option shows the level of your reference plane
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