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About building parametric objects with GDL.

2D Object with Editable Text


Hi everyone


I need some guidance on the following, I would like to make a simple 2D symbol (lighting related) with an editable text box next to either relating to a property, element ID etc.

This is so I can change the text when necessary and don't have a million of the same symbols just with different text.


I don't know much about GDL and whatnot but would be willing to try anything


EDIT : So poking around in the code I've discovered the part which controls the text, at the moment I'm trying to figure how to add it to the Parameters so I can edit it in the object itself.



Andre Steynberg
Win 10 64-bit
Barry Kelly

You won't be able to edit object text like you can normal text (i.e.on screen in a text editor).

You can add a string parameter to an object and use that in the 2D script to display the text.

Then you can edit that text in the object settings parameter list.


You can also used the ID in the 2D script, so you can edit the ID in the info box and not have to open the object settings.


I am sure you can also use properties in your 2D scripts  but you will need to script all of these options into your objects.


You could try a property label (you should have one in the default library) or even the autotext label.

This way you can use the ID or properties without having to script anything.

Save favourites for the labels once you have the correct settings so you don't have to pick them every time.



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Hi Barry

yea I figured as much once I started.

I managed to fumble my way to a result but couldn't understand what I had done.

Thanks to your input, the GDL reference guide, some more searching and Eric Bobrow's tutorial which I'll link below for the next weary traveller, I achieved what I set out to do.

Thanks for the help!



Link here : Archicad Tutorial | Creating Custom Symbols and 3D Objects (part 1 of 3) 

Andre Steynberg
Win 10 64-bit
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