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Add pre-set sizes to window library part


I am new to customizing library parts in Archicad. I'm currently working in Archicad 22. In my company template, I'd like to have windows with pre-set sizes that correspond with the window manufacturer that we use. For example, I'd like to pre-load the options for window sizes in the drop-down menu for the W Double Hung 22 rather than custom enter a window size every time. See attached screenshot. What is the best way to accomplish this?


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First of all you'd rather Expode Archicad_library_22.lcf in a folder so you can edit your objects and save.

Second open the gsm file of window and in the parameter script use the "Values" command to set up your value list. you will probably find solution already answered here in the forum if you search for values list.

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Lee Hankins

Rather than editing the library parts which you will then likely have to do for each subsequent Archicad version you could save Favourites of each window size and style. These automatically upgrade with each version with the odd exception. 

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I have been playing around with this, and what I'm finding is that the Archicad 22 window library part has nothing in the Parameters script, but I do see this in the Master script (see screenshot). When I try to manually input in the the Parameters script, it doesn't seem to do anything. Any thoughts? 

ArchiCAD: AC26, Version 4024 USA Full (Apple Silicon)
Computer: 2022 Apple M1 Max, 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 64 GB memory

Editing the default Graphisoft doors and windows is probably just a road to frustration unless you really know what you are doing in GDL.

There are so many CALLs to macros that then CALL other macros, it can be hard to keep track of what does what.


Plus if you modify existing objects, you will be in trouble if the library is ever updated.

Either you can;t update, or you must re-do all of your modifications again.

Or you 'Save As' and duplicate the objects which will become your 'special' objects and will never be updated in the future.


As Lee Hankins suggest, I would probably just save your standard sizes as favourites - maybe not all of the standard sizes, but the most popular ones at least.

You can Import those favourites into other jobs as well so you can have them available in all files.




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As I said before you have explode the lcf file of the library. There you will find the general window macro and probably there you will be able to set values. Unless it takes you to another macro as Barry said. It is a nice trip to start learning gdl read and follow the code.

Wacom Mobile Studio 16", AC12-27, WIN

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