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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Archicad 26 becomes very slow in the edition of gdl objects


It doesn't happen to them, that when they are editing objects in Archicad 26 it becomes very slow when you change parameter values or make changes between scripts

Barry Kelly

It shouldn't.

What are your machine and operating system specifications?



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currently the slowness is in the save.
Maybe it's due to some parameter, I'll check.

If the script is complicated especially regarding calculating parameters, then it might be slower in save, have in mind that if you have a lot of the just edited objects instances placed - they also will be calculated when the save occurs.


I find in my own objects, that if I have scripted multiple things incorrectly that result in error returns that do not brick the object, it is slower. Cleaning up said errors fixes any delays.


There is also the option to disable the preview from updating as you make changes to the objects parameters which might help.



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Peter Baksa

Anything written to the Session Report (errors, warnings, PRINT commands) is slow. Turn off warning messages in the Library Developer menu, and use GLOB_DIAGNOSTICS_MODE global variable for debug messages.

A script check is run with the default parameters before save, long loops or slow I/O can slow it down. Try to set a default parameter state which finishes quickly.

Placed objects (and the default one in the infobox) are refreshed after save. Complex 3D models can slow this down. Closing 3D, section, elevation windows, auto-updated drawings might help.

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When is script, i always use STRG*S after nearly each scriptline i write, because i want to see the reactions in the real 2D or 3D-Enviroment at prompt.  and then have to wait 8 to 12 seconds, till i can see it in 3D or 2D in the normal drawing Editor.


The built-in 2D-3D - peview in the GDL-Editor - i cant use with my many editable hotspots. What i recently discovered: When i unload all unnescesssary Library, its way faster on this. So now i just load the Library-things that i really need for developing my objects. 


This speed-lacks occured round about Version12 or so - before then- it was way faster.. 



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The 2D & 3D previews are typically useless as they lack not only testing for dynamic hotspots but the use of partial structure display options can’t be easily checked either. The previews are outdated and could do with an update to create a better development space and reflect general AC improvements.

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Thank you all for the options. I will follow your recommendations.



For the first time, I'm facing this problem. The script is just a duplicate array of a block, so nothing fancy. Eventhough I'm on archicad 25, not sure if I should open a new topic or post here my script.