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Complex poly object




I am trying to create an object which is essentially a 4 sided shape where the 4 corners can be moved which is simple enough on it's own. However there is also the requirement to have the option of adding a fillet or chamfer to each corner. Is this achievable without creating a different poly for every possibility? 



ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10

You're right, I messed up with fillet.


I know about issue with radius HS. It was really late to find better approach. I've edited object, so at least for acutes angles it works more less ok. Tbh it's better to type distance with HS, not to drag it. At least, until someone tells how to make it more sophisticated...


Indeed it's good call to hide 'cornerType' HS if it doesn't require radius. Is it possible to make AC show its string description, not integer value when you move it ?

AC 22, 24 | Win 10

@A_ Smith wrote:

Is it possible to make AC show its string description, not integer value when you move it ?

I don't think so (but I could be wrong).

Because you have used VALUE{2} and it is an integer parameter, the hotspot will only show the integer value - not the description the user sees when adjusting in the parameter list.


You would either have to use a standard VALUE with a string parameter, or have a hidden string parameter that changes (GLOB_MODPAR_NAME) based on the corner integer parameter you set.

Then show the string parameter as the hotspot display parameter.



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Thank you so much for taking a look at this! This does so much of what I needed it to do. I am getting an error when the object is small (points less than 170mm) but only in some positions. I can't seem to find other consistencies that cause the error.

"Argument of ACS or ASN is not in range (-1 ... 1)
at line 228 in the Master script"

ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10

I didn't try to make it small, though I think size doesn't matter. But I didn't make rules for radius for corners depending on side length... So, for example if it is rectangular and sum of 2 corners radius equal or more than side between these corners, it will be error


edit: try to make small radius for corners. that should do the job

AC 22, 24 | Win 10

So it seems that you're correct that the size of the box doesn't matter, it's just that I noticed it when I made it smaller. I make it rectangular with 0 radius set on the corners and also sharp corners and sometimes get the issue occurring but I have no idea why.

ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10

Indeed sometimes there's error - when i try to make rectangular from parallelogram (with sharp cornersl.
maybe I will look into it later
AC 22, 24 | Win 10

I think it is ok now. Download again

AC 22, 24 | Win 10

I used the previous link to download but I'm still having the same issue. I am able to set corner1 to be straight, fillet or chamfer but if I try to set any of the others to it, the object breaks and gives an error.


Argument of ACS or ASN is not in range (-1 ... 1)
at line 353 in the Master script

ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10

It is strange, because last version of object has only 218 lines in master script...

for sake i post link here again, though that okd should be the same.


the only thing I added now is conditions in parameter script - when corners not equal to sharp, radius must be > 0

AC 22, 24 | Win 10

Thank you. Unfortunately this does the same thing. When a rectangle / square is made, you can't set all 4 corners to be something other than straight or it breaks the object. I no longer need to be able to move the corners to any position so it will always be a rectangle or square, so I may look at alternatives in that case.

ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10

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