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Editable hotspots and performance




Let's say I have created a closet in GDL and I have a hotspot for height,  one for width, one for depth and additional hotspots for each shelf.

Will be any hit in performance 2D and/or 3D if I add like 50 of those closet units in a drawing?





Barry Kelly

I shouldn't think so unless you have very weak hardware.

Even then I doubt it.



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In general: no.

You will hit performance drops not by having many objects in your scene, but while editing complicated objects with the hotspots. That's why you should always reduce the complexity via using an IF structure and GLOB_FEEDBACK_MODE.

Thats because the object will be redrawn and recalculated hundreds of times per second while editing with hotspots. Heavy operations like SEO and REQUESTS, etc. will slow this down. But again, only while editing. The perf of the file overall will not be reduced.

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