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GDL:How to get a list of font names with the '@' symbol ?


The font list is long. How do I display only a list of font names with the "@" symbol?




The following script is incorrect. How should I write?


dim fontNames[]
n = request("FONTNAMES_LIST", "", fontNames)

if STRSTR ("fontNames", "@") =1 then    !!! ===There is an error here ?
    values "txt_font" fontNames, custom







You need to iterate through each item in the font list array and create a new array with only the items you want.  And then assign that shortened list back to your fontName parameter.


Give this a go.



dim fontList[]
dim shortFontNames[]
n = request("FONTNAMES_LIST", "", fontList)

k = 1                                   	  !! a separate counter for shortfontnames index
for i = 1 to vardim1(fontList)         		  !! iterate through each font name in the array

	if STRSTR (fontList[i], "@" ) = 1 then    !! check it has an @ symbol in the name  
      	shortFontNames[k] = fontList[i]    	  !! add it to the new lists
    	k = k+1                                 !! increase the separate counter by one 
next i

values "fontName" shortFontNames




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Perfect! thank you very much! 

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