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GSM file format spec

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Hello to all,

Is there a detailed GSM file format specification in the developer support stuff?
It would be handy to be able to write GSM-file from other programming enviroments.
Information about header-structure, byte-offsets of internal sections etc. would be usefull for that.

I had considered to use the XML-converter, but a first test (l2x and back) failed.
Also it is quite big and I am not sure if it can be redistributed (license?) with an application.
Karl Ottenstein
This information, and more is available in the GDL Developers Kit.

The last we heard (a year ago), you can apply to Graphisoft to get a copy of this, describing the intended project, etc. Please see this message from Akos Pfemeter:

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Ralph Wessel
HPW wrote:
I had considered to use the XML-converter, but a first test (l2x and back) failed.
What was the nature of the failure? I use the XML converter a lot and it has been reliable so far.
Ralph Wessel BArch
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I took for exsample the folder 'moebel' from obejct explorer 2.0 and convert it to XML and back. There I look at Armstuhl_4.gsm

When I the watch the GSM in GDL-explorer it always shows an error on displaying the 3DView:
Stiftnummer ist kleiner als 1 oder groesser als 255 bei Zeile 7 von Datei 4A4C_Armstuhl_4.gsm

pen-number is lesser than 1 and bigger than 255 at line 7 of file 4A4C_Armstuhl_4.gsm

Why this error? I do not change anything.
Why '4A4C_' in front of the filename?

The UI interface shows up and worked.
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Also strange:

When I convert the new GSM back to XML and made a diff between the XML from original and converted they only differ in the second version-GUID.

Also the 2 lines which cause the error are:

7 pen gs_cont_pen
19 pen gs_cont_pen

And a HEX diff between the 2 GSM show a slightly diff in some sections.
So the copy is definatly different form the original besides the version GUID.
I'm not a programmer, but here are some tipps, hope it will help:

general things:
- the files from the sample library coming with gdl explorer 2.0 are gdl version 20 (= ArchiCAD 8.x),
- the xml-gdl converter is for archicad 9; (gdl version 21), so differences between output and original file is not amazing, because the conversion brings also a conversion from gdl version 20 to 21

the problem with the gs_cont_pen: you should check, if the so named parameter is available in the parameterlist in the new version of the file:
- if not its value is 0 and then the problem appears
- if its there, but the standard value is set to 0 the problem will also appear
(pen 0 can be used for fill background, but not for lines and contures)

hope it will help a little, best regards, g
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Thanks for the additional info.
In the meantime I found an older XML-converter in the archieves and got some doku about GSM-format from the graphisoft developer support.
Now it's time to learn more about it.
HPW wrote:
... Now it's time to learn more about it.😉
it would be nice to get some short summaries from your cognitions!
best regards, g
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