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Guid Issues after Migration


Hi everyone.
Two years ago we edited the one of the GS doors to suit our needs a bit more.
When we did that we copied and renamed all Makros by adding TAS_ infront of it, thinking this would future proof it.
That worked fine throughout AC23 and 24 but we realised that in 25 the user interface got messed up.
Generally we just added some parameters on some pages but those are gone.

When I remove the Library 25 from the project the changes reappear when we open the object but when going into the object setting we're stuck on the same UI page.

I assumed it would be a GUID problem, so I opened up every Makro and saved it as a new object, which didn't help.

Any idea what this would be?



»It's macros all the way down!«


Have you really renamed every macro? Chances are, you did not. Every macro calls even more macros. I once tried to do a "mind map" or chart with what calls what by hand... impossible!

So if you still have AC 23 you'll need to go back and do it again, but this time a bit more in depth.

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Hi Runxel,

It took us some time but we've figured it out.

Originally in order to get all the macros we had in an empty file inserted only the door and then embedded the Library 23 and exported that after. Like that we had all the macros it used.

We then converted it to an XML and seached/replaced all Macro Names in Sublime text and added TAS_ infront.

This worked until recently.

Now to get it working again, I opened every makro and saved it as a new object to get a new GUID.
Since the object saves the GUID for the macro called originally this didn't work yet.

So we repeated the same process. Export the new macros as XML opened in Sublime Text and compared the GUID to see which we had to replace with which.

Was a bit complicated but now it works 🙂

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