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How to extract data from arrays ?


Hey all,


I am working on an dresser object that has several drawer types. Those drawers are part of an array parameter that is appended dynamically from the user's choices and they have a specific code that I would like to be extracted for scheduling. I read it's not possible to schedule arrays, however I would like to know if there is a way to get this data out from all dresser instances ?


I know it can be done with  the GDL TEXT I/O ADD-ON but this is only on an object by object basis right ?

Can the Properties script be used for that ?

Joachim Suehlo

GDL Text Addon can export script calculated values in a text file on your hard drive, but it cannot add this to an intercative schedule.
Properties Script works (as far as I know) only together with the very old schedules and not with the newer Interactive Schedules.
If the Array Dimensions are not too big, you can save the array values in single parameters, which can be listed in Interactive Schedules.

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Hi Joachim,


So the solution could be to create a string parameter where I would append the array values to ? 🤔 I didn't think about it but that looks like it could work. Probably not super pretty in a schedule but at least, I would be able to extract my data easily. I'll try that, thanks 👍


You can try to solve this problem by using add-on "SomeStuff", that can write values of GDL object parameters to object custom properties: 

Thanks @albedorus , I'll have a look

Do you know, if this is only availabe in russian, or in english too?

Joachim Suehlo . AC12-27 . MAC OSX 13.5 . WIN11
GDL object creation:

Just replying to myself to say it worked : I concatenated the array values in a string parameter which makes the info easily schedulable. It doesn't look proper in the schedule but at the very least, they data is out.

hmm.. you can ask the community or the developer himself in the telegram channel ( to translate the menu items or the manual. There is also a video using add-on (, where you can turn on subtitles.

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