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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Is there a way to quickly find the source code of a function in the standard library easily?


Is there a way to quickly find the source code of a function in the standard library easily?



for example
If you try to find wallblock2{2} at door 26
Open door26 with ctrl+shift+O, open the GDL called by call in the master script, search in the 2D script, and if not found, open the GDL called by call again, search again, and repeat this.
I would like to easily retrieve the source code from a standard library for a function like wallblock2{2}. Is there any other way?

AC27 on window 11

it is a GDL command.

you do not have access to the source code, GDL is a higher language where source code of the built in functions are not available.

the parameters and description are available in the GDL Manual






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The manual in English is too hard to understand.
So, it would be very helpful if there were sample codes, but the GDL manual doesn't have many example codes. So I have to go looking for it, but it's a very sad fact that I can't search in the source code even now in the AI era.

I guess I should put it on the archicad wish list.

AC27 on window 11

You could decompile the whole Archicad standard library to xml (or hsf) files with the LP_XML Converter, and then just open the folder of all the decompiled objects in VSCode and search in there.


On windows, if you open a command prompt window and run these two lines one after the other you will end up with the fully decompiled library at C:\TEMP\26 LIBRARY XML 

"C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\Archicad 26\LP_XMLConverter.exe" extractpackage "C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\Archicad 26\Archicad Library 26\Object Library 26.lcf" "C:\TEMP\26 LIBRARY GSM"

"C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\Archicad 26\LP_XMLConverter.exe" l2x "C:\TEMP\26 LIBRARY GSM" "C:\TEMP\26 LIBRARY XML"

The first line unpacks the lcf of the standard library.

The second line decompiles every gsm to an xml file.

More info here:


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