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Make Bounding Box HotSpots not editable

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I started developing some small objects for inhouse use and created a prototype for a small adjustable oject which adds objects along its way. This is working ok, but I want the outer corner to be Hotspots which are not editable, just to be able to grab the object there. When I use A and B for the dimensions of the object, AC automatically adds editable ones. Is there a way to turn this behavior off?

I attached my code, maybe I'm doing something else wrong here?
dLength = A
dWidth = B
sX = 0
sY = dWidth / 2

N = INT(dLength/dDist)

unID = 1
hotspot2 sX, sY, unID			: unID = unID + 1
hotspot2 dLength, sY, unID		: unID = unID + 1
hotspot2 sX, -sY, unID			: unID = unID + 1
hotspot2 dLength, -sY, unID		: unID = unID + 1

hotspot2 0, 0, unID, dLength, 1+256			: unID = unID + 1
hotspot2 -dLength, 0, unID, dLength, 3		: unID = unID + 1
hotspot2 dLength, 0, unID, dLength, 2		: unID = unID + 1

LINE2 sX, -sY, sX, sY
LINE2 dLength, -sY, dLength, sY
LINE2 sX, 0, dLength, 0

FOR I=0 TO N-1
	sX = sX + dDist
	LINE2 sX, -sY*0.75, sX, sY*0.75
I couldn't find any documentation on that topic, or I wasn't looking at the right place. So please forgive me if it's obvious, but I already wasted a day on this and I'm still stuck.
Thank you!

A_ Smith
If you don't want hotspots to be editable - you shouldn't use A and B standard variables. Just create new parameters dLength, dWidth plus hide and don't use A, B in your code... Basically, you need to change first 2 lines of your code - assign them some length or create dL and dW parameters, if you want that user could change them.
AC 22, 24 | Win 10

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