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Stop regular 2D hotspot from extending object




I have a standard "hotspot2 a, 0" in my object. How do I stop the user from being able to select and drag the node to adjust the object size? I also tried to set the hotspot to _A (as I made _A = A) in the hopes that there would be a disconnect but I still have the issue. 



ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10
Karl Ottenstein

Lock A and B in your script

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I'm not able to lock A and B as I utilise these in the object. The issue is that when the regular node is dragged and changed, it doesn't trigger the "glob_modpar_name" in my script which also changes B to maintain proportionate sizing. 

ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10

If You do not have actuall hotspots on the say 0,0; A,0; A,B; 0,B then the stretching by those will be impossible, same to ZZYZX in the space.

Set it up as a 3-part hotspot which edits "A".

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