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how can i access a "call" parameters?

Otavio Augusto
Certified trainer


I opened an object from Archicad to study and analyze its scripts and parameters. However, it uses a function called "call," which brings some scripts that must be located somewhere in the program. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find them. I would like to see how it uses some of these scripts and try to incorporate them into an object that I'm creating.


The entire script that is included in the object is


call "Switch_symbol" parameters all \
		bHotspotsOnCircle = 0,
		bText = 1,
		iSwitchType = 9





If you highlight the name between the parentheses after call, and hit control shift o or command shift o for Mac and it will open the macro that it's calling

I didn't know that, I always looked for the macro manually. That will come handy.



call is used to 'call' a 'macro' which is external to the object you're looking at. A macro is another  gdl object  that  is inserted inside you  current gdl object.


Its not like a gosub were the code is actually in the object.


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