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wall/roof attaching object subtype

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I want to do an object that can be attached to a wall/roof (and if possible to any other kind of surface). What would be the correct object subtype to choose in the editor for this purpose?
I am familiar with window / door objects, and I assume those can be used to make an object attachable to walls, but is it possible to create the object without creating the wallhole using those subtypes?

Barry Kelly
Window / door for walls and skylight for roof.

I believe that if you do not script a WALLHOLE the it will automatically place one based on the A & B lengths.
So maybe just script one with a zero size or is outside the wall thickness.

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I am not aware of the new AC23 Opening tool. Could it be associated to wall and roofs, as well to slabs and meshes?
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Hi, thank you for your replies!

I will use the window and skylight objects. For the hole I tried the following in a window object:

WALLHOLE - no way to define cut depth, so it cuts all the way through the wall

WALLNICHE, zero thickness - defaults to the normal wallhole, cutting all the way through with size A * B

WALLNICHE, outside wall - this worked, I defined the directional vector as [0, 0, -1] with a thickness of .001. The user would have to set the direction of the object to face outwards, as the hole otherwise appears. This should not be a problem, as that can be modified with the symb_rotangle, symb_mirrored and wido_reveal_side parameters.
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