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Looking for Archicad Work


Hi All


I am trying to move to Canada. I have been using Archicad since it was Archicad 6. Can anyone assist with firms that use Archicad?


Mahmoud Qenawi

Hi @Tafadzwa, try the Graphisoft website jobs section I think it’s more appropriate to find a job rather than the community, also try to accomplish Graphisoft learning paths via learning hub that will give you more advantages.

Check these:


Wish you all the best.

AC 27 INT 4001 - AC 26 INT 5002 ( For MEP Purposes )
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz 16.0 GB

Hi @Mahmoud Qenawi , thank you for your response. I have been using, for some time now. What I noticed is that there are very few posts from Canada and what little there is seems to insist on Canada experience. That is why I decided to post here. This is perhaps the last resort for me.

Sure there’s nothing the last and always there’ll be a way, did you try Facebook groups and pages? There’re many other than Graphisoft official one you can follow and many freelance jobs are offered and even some people ask for who can teach them online so you may move to Canada but work remotely, also LinkedIn has many Archicad groups follow and react there and I hope you get your way.

AC 27 INT 4001 - AC 26 INT 5002 ( For MEP Purposes )
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz 16.0 GB

Thank you for sharing your thoughts mate. I have noticed though that Archicad in Canada is not very popular and most groups on social media have no Canadian representation at all. if you already have names of group that I can join, you are welcome to share.


Canada is a big place - where in Canada - East, West or middle ?

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Hi Randy,

I would prefer Nova Scotia, but at this point anywhere in Canada will do


@Tafadzwa  Please contact me directly. You can find me on Linkedin

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