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Public Roadmap -> Idea Pool -> BIMx on VR Headsets

I am pleased to see the topic of "BIMx on VR Headsets" included in the Idea Pool, and I would like to add my voice to encourage its development, particularly for BIMx Desktop. I own a VIVE Pro 2 which is a very capable high resolution VR system. Curr...

Harout Participant
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Resolved! Graphisoft Learn

Is it me or is the Learn portal hard work? I just tried to obtain the Native Survey Point - Workflow Guide, (which should really be readily available as a help document), only to be left with this response to clicking on the Download link... RequestH...

Resolved! Skill assessment on Linkedin!

It would be great if Graphisoft adds a skill assessment on Linedin for Archicad. Some might find it a redundant feature but since it exists I think it can boost the confidence and visibility of potential job candidates! Revit has one so why not Archi...

The new home page is useless

Hi Graphisoft,I just wanted to draw your attention to the very bad ideas about the recent changes that are implemented on the page: Like starting from the idea that I can only choose the language based on the country of preference and/...

Nader Contributor
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