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About Archicad Updates

Emoke Csikos

What is an update? 

In between two major releases of Archicad, GRAPHISOFT ships improvements and new functionality for the software in the form of updates. These are released regularly and are available through the Check for Updates notification system in Archicad. It is recommended to regularly update your Archicad using the latest update installer.

You can find the latest updates of Archicad for all language versions on GRAPHISOFT's download site.

These work the same way as the initial installers of Archicad. You have to download then run them to install the update.


It is the build number that tells you which sub-version of the program you are running. You can check the build number by going to Help menu > About Archicad. An image of the signature building of Archicad will pop up displaying the build number in the upper left corner.
Updates are also identified by their build numbers. After you install an update, you will see that the build number of Archicad has increased.


To learn more about Archicad updates please read this guide.

What is an update preview?

The preview of an Archicad update is available for the members of the Archicad community to test before the public release of the final update. The availability of the update is announced on Archicad Talk.
Based on the feedback from users, the preview will either become the final release or another final update package is created in case any issues are found in the preview.

WARNING: Proceed at your own risk! Do not install preview updates into your mainstream workflow without being able to roll back your server and client machines to the previous update.


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