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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Archicad 25

Emoke Csikos
Duke Ellington School of the Arts
Architect: cox graae + spack architects | LBA Joint Venture
Photo © Chris Ambridge

Graphisoft® has released Archicad 25, the latest version of its award-winning BIM software.
Powerful enhancements to design, visualization, documentation, and collaboration capabilities are a direct response to user feedback, making Archicad 25 the most user-driven version to date.

Archicad has been updated. To learn about the latest improvements, read this article:

Archicad Keeps Getting Better - Archicad 25 Update 2

New Features


Archicad provides full spectrum of design tools for any type and size architecture projects. Implement design changes easily and effortlessly with BIM based design workflow.

Stair Tool Improvements

Creating and editing stairs require to handle and consider multiple- many times contradicting- requirements. Archicad 25 brings additional flexibility in stair design that help designers to avoid impossible geometric configurations, while placing unusual stair design. New features include: "Along Chord", new stair calculation method, new "Tread Symmetry Combinations" for all Winder Types, and automated "Stair Landing" geometry control. Create custom stairs that comply with all local standards!

See also: Greater Flexibility and Standard Compliance with Stair Tool Enhancements

Library Enhancements

Bring your interior to life with our expanding library of 3D objects that follows the latest trends in residential and commercial design. Customize kitchens quickly with new modular cabinetry which efficiently produces a variety of design. Enrich your project with realistic and highly customizable new furnishing options.

See also: Create Contemporary Interiors with Archicad's Enhanced Object Library

New Commands for Better 2D-3D Navigation

Identifying and re-selecting elements across views is time-consuming and frustrating. Thanks to new and improved commands. Keep track of selected elements when switching between views without having to re-select them. Instantly identify, select and zoom-in elements on Floor Plan or in 3D views, when working in Section, Elevation, or Interior Elevation views.

See also: Greater Productivity in Archicad with Smart Selection

Expanded Design Freedom with Polygonal Openings

The Opening Tool now enables precise quantity estimations by offering the possibility to create polygonal openings in any 2D or 3D views - the Magic wand functionality can be used in the process as well. A new MEP label is also available, besides the improvements on the workflow, which now allows the creation of MEP Equipment from Revit Family Files.

The integrated MEP Modeller and the Opening Tool were recently introduced, willing to boost the collaboration between architects and MEP Engineers. Now, as part of Archicad's continuous development, those tools were improved again, aiming to provide a smoother workflow.

See also: Seamless Collaboration with MEP Engineers


Create pro visualization, and communicate your design with impact. Archicad 25 brings strong improvements that decreases workarounds and improve collaboration via visualization.

Surface Textures on Section/Elevation/Interior Elevation Views

Display high-resolution surface textures on sections, elevation, interior elevations views. Unify your design appearance with the expanded options which allows you to display the same Textures as in the 3D window. New realistic soft shading option and cover fill option are also available to bring your visualization to professional result.

See also: Powerful Design Presentations with Archicad

Surface-based Fills

Fills can now access and display Surfaces. Easily apply a Surface's colour, cover fill, or texture, and define the same alignment and distortion abilities as any other Fill types.

See also: Powerful Design Presentations with Archicad

BIMx Large Model Support for Android Users

Opening complex 3D models on Android devices was not available until Archicad 25. The Android BIMx update this July brings a new 3D engine which lets architects and their clients open the full content of a Hyper-model. Large 3D model support for Android users and availability in the Huawei App Gallery in addition to Google Play and Apple App Store now makes BIMx the great presentation tool of choice on all platforms.

BIMx Web Viewer Technology Implemented in the Desktop Viewer

The next-generation BIMx Desktop Viewer is now part of the Archicad package! The renewed BIMx Desktop Viewer lets architects and their clients access the full content of a Hyper-model, including 3D models, documentation and any embedded BIM data.

See also: Enhanced Visualization Capabilities for Powerful Collaboration - BIMx Improvements with Archicad 25 



Archicad enables users to focus on the part they love the most- DESIGN, and take out the "edge" of frustration may be caused by delivering professional design documentation set.

New Properties for More Accurate Component Lists

Inaccurate schedules result less accurate cost estimation. Get more accurate building material schedules and cost estimations with new "gross" and "conditional" area and volume properties. User- defined and configurable conditions make it easy to list components based on their Material- contingent function.

See also: Accurate Schedules and Quantity Takeoffs with Archicad

Graphic Override: Custom RGB Colours for Surface and Fill Background Pen Overrides

Graphic overrides are more flexible than ever. RGB colours support provides options to choose custom RGB colours for both Surface and Fill Background Pen overrides. Control and adjust look of documentation sets without workarounds.

See also: Quick Graphical Quality Checks with Archicad


Architecture starts with collaboration. Archicad 25 brings new exciting features that ensures the architects and engineers can work together seamlessly- enhancing collaboration process and reducing probability of design errors.

Structural Analytical Model Refinement

New Load handling feature ensures engineers to visualize and modify Load elements in the Structural Analytical Model, view and manage Load-related modifications, define data for Load Cases, Groups and Combinations, and place new Load elements such as Point, Line, and Surface loads.

Custom Alignment of Replacement Profile for columns and beams increased control over the geometry. Choose any of the 9 profile points to align to the Member reference line, in the way that best reflects the architectural model.

Adjustment rules helps ensure continuous Structural Analytical Model, which is essential for structural analysis. The offset adjuster is now enhanced with new methods, to accommodate more complex structures and enable
the Structural Engineer to control as many real scenarios as possible.

Save time with the new “Cutback” adjustment rules. It eliminates the overlapping part of 2D Members, which provides a more realistic Structural Analytical Model and fewer Model Check errors for you to fix.

This Connection Range functionality is now improved, to better replicate the designer's intent and the real
element geometry.

Structural support was an existing tool since Archicad 24. In Archicad 25, the supports can be placed once at the selected elements.

See also: Seamless Collaboration with Structural Engineers

Native Survey Point

The new Native Survey Point is now available on the updated Location Settings dialogue in Archicad 25. It ensures easier, quicker and more consistent coordination. It aims to provide help with the focus on solving project coordinate location. This feature creates a data driven approach that allows correct and precise translation of coordinates between Archicad and other BIM authoring tools

See also: Native Archicad Survey Point

Native RFA and RVT Exchange and Improvements

Exchanging Revit file formats is crucial for many architects when collaborating with other disciplines using Autodesk solutions.

Thanks to the – now - built-in Revit file format exchange. It is easier than ever to collaborate with Revit users. This solution was an add-on feature before, and now it is integrated in Archicad for easier file exchange with Revit file formats.

See also: Enhancements to Revit and Solibri Collaboration

Archicad - Solibri Connection Add-on

Solibri Connection Add-on for Archicad has been available for previous versions, and for Archicad 25, it continues to improve.  The connection between Solibri and Archicad is live. The add-on exchanges data with higher efficiency, which significantly boosts export speeds.

Set up checking rules in Solibri during the design, which can save a lot of time, as most of the design errors are filtered upon creating the model. If there is a change in the model, you can easily update by clicking on Update in Solibri. No need to export the whole IFC file again because It will update only those element’s data that has changed.

See also: Enhancements to Revit and Solibri Collaboration

Export Building Material Classifications as IFC Classification References

This is an additional feature on the IFC output that complies with local regulation. When an IFC Material is exported out of a Building Material from Archicad, its Classifications are exported as well.

Additional Improvements

Archicad 25 brings essential Additional features to enhance your BIM based workflow.

  • Line popup shows names in alphabetical order
  • Surface and Fill Settings updated
  • Edit multiple Layer Combinations at once
  • MEP Label
  • Track Changes, Model Compare: Structure parameter
  • More accurate models with Polygonal Openings
  • Object Settings: elevation and 3D preview can be rotated independently
  • Section/Elevation Marked Distant Area renamed to Fade Distant Elements
  • Support for Rhino 6 and 7
  • Export Building Material Classifications as IFC Classification References
  • On macOS, Open GL graphics technology has been replaced with native Metal\

See also: Additional Improvements

Get started with Archicad 25

Before Installing

Archicad is available on both Windows and macOS platforms. Data exchange between the two platforms is fully supported through compatible file formats and collaboration methods such as Teamwork, so they can be used even in mixed environments.

The System Requirements for our products can be found here. A list of the certified hardware configurations tested by Graphisoft to work well with Archicad can be found on this site. We tested how some Graphics Cards perform with smaller and larger projects in Archicad. The description of the test environment and the results can be found here.

The file types processed by both Archicad and BIMcloud are listed here. The site describes the import and export possibilities and the supported versions of the file formats created by Graphisoft products or 3rd party applications.

Download and Install

Archicad and further accessories (Add-ons & Goodies, Libraries & Objects, Product Updates, etc.) can be downloaded here.

A step by step guide how to install Archicad 25 with a Single License can be found here and another one about the Network Installation for BIM Managers here. All other installation solutions such as Unattended Install of Archicad and Updates are collected on this site.

If you have Archicad already installed and you want to add new features, or Archicad needs to be repaired, the information detailed on this site can help. All that's good to know about how to Uninstall Archicad even in unattended mode can be found here.

If you face any issue during the Install or Startup of Archicad, this guide will help you determine the possible cause and lead you to its respective solutions.

Please note that ARCHICAD 23 is the last released version to be compatible with the Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 operating systems.
Because of that, Archicad 24 and 25 customers may experience crashes on the startup, when using those operating system versions, and the installation of it will not be possible in the future.

License types

Archicad 25 can be activated using one of several license types:

  • Commercial license requires a CodeMeter Hardware-based or Software-based protection key
  • Trial license is available through A fully functional 30-day serial number can be obtained after the registration.
  • Demo version requires neither a protection key nor a serial number. All save/export options are disabled but printing is possible. Archicad can be downloaded from
  • Education license is available through A 1-year serial number is available upon approval.
  • Pay-Per-use (PPU) license requires a CodeMeter Hardware-based protection key. A PPU license lets you run Archicad for the number of hours purchased (not available on all markets).
  • Rental license requires a CodeMeter Hardware-based protection key. A Rental license lets you run Archicad for 1, 3, 6, or 12 calendar months.
  • Enhanced Rental license requires a CodeMeter Hardware-based or Software-based protection key. An Enhanced Rental license lets you run Archicad for 1, 3, 6, or 12 calendar months.
  • License Borrowing An Archicad Commercial license may be borrowed from a multi-license CodeMeter Hardware-based or Software-based protection key and later returned for subsequent use by another user.
  • Subscription license requires a Software-based protection key. A Subscription license lets you run Archicad for 1 or 12 calendar months and it is automatically extended until the customer opts-out (not available on all markets).

How to Use

The Archicad 25 Reference Guide is filled with a lot of useful information about every tool, feature, and function. Take a look at it!

Do you want to extend your knowledge? Check the Knowledgebase section on Help Center.

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