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Archicad Start Edition 2023

Emoke Csikos


Archicad Start Edition 2023 was released on January 18th, 2023. Based on the technology of Archicad 26,  Archicad Start Edition (SE) 2023 is a professional BIM solution with critical features most smaller practices need.

Serving as a base for the latest Archicad Start Edition, Archicad 26’s robust, well-tested engine satisfies the needs of a smaller practice. Archicad Start Edition 2023 provides the full power of Archicad 26’s BIM-based streamlined documentation workflow, allowing the project model to stay live until the very end of the design documentation phase: it helps keeping architects in the state of the creative design flow with as little disruption as possible. (To take advantage of the entire range of Archicad features and benefits, upgrade to the full version of Archicad at any time and continue editing all your previously started projects with it.)
Archicad Start Edition 2023 is a BIM solution for smaller architectural practices that contain all the features of Archicad 26 that are critical for them but those features that have little or no importance for them are omitted.

Archicad Start Edition 2023 is not available on all markets.
To purchase Archicad Start Edition 2023, contact your Archicad reseller.

Find information about the previous versions of Start Edition in this article.




Archicad Start Edition 2023 Compared to Archicad 26



The SE contains all the necessary tools to create a proper Building Information Model, with everything you need in the residential scale, like profiled or composite structures, priority-based junctions, the Shell tool, the Morph tool, and GDL objects. 


- No Curtain Wall  

- No Point Cloud data import and visualization 

- No MEP Modeling 

- No PARAM-O add-on 

- No Design Checker




The complete 2D feature set of Archicad is part of the SE package: model-based documentation, 2D tools, layout books, etc.  There are no limitations in this area.



Archicad Start Edition provides basic visualization techniques like real-time shaded 3D environment, a simple rendering engine (the so-called basic engine), 3D Styles, and the ability to save BIMx Hyper-models. 


- No advanced (Cinerender) photorealistic rendering  

- No Sketch rendering 



Latest IFC, BCF, DWG, and DXF file exchange capabilities to enable full model-based and hybrid coordination workflow with consultants.


- No STL export  

- No Rhino export/import  

- No Grasshopper-Archicad 

- No Solibri Connection



The Archicad Start Edition doesn’t contain any Teamwork feature because it’s intended for solo architects. It provides full control of IFC Preferences and Managing Classifications in IFC Import/Export. 


- No Teamwork 

- No Hotlinked Modules 

- No XRefs 

- Limited External Drawing support 

- No Collision Detection 

- No Structural Analytical Model workflow 

- No 3D Model Compare 


Productivity Tools

The main difference between Archicad Start Edition and Archicad Full version is productivity. You can do everything with the SE version, but you can work faster with the Full.


- No Renovation 

- No Publisher 

- No Revision Management 

- No Link element height to stories 

- No Import element property data from Excel 

- No JSON-Python API for Archicad 

- No Energy Evaluation 

- No Physical Model Check 

- No Export/Import Issues via PDF markup



The Archicad Start Edition 2022 is configured to manage small-scale projects with rapid software reaction, but it’s not ideal for large-scale projects.


- Multithreading capable algorithms use max 2 cores of the CPU 



The SE version is intended for solo architects, so the product supports only those licensing options which are relevant for such customers.


- No License borrowing 

- No NET license type


Check the new features comparison chart below to see the exact differences between Archicad 26 full version and Start Edition 2023.

Archicad 26 new features available in Archicad Start Edition 2023





Included in Start Edition 2023

Design Checker (powered by Solibri)



Attributes: Improve user interface and user experience of the five attribute types



Easier and faster way to create Graphic Override Combinations



Opening - Surface Overrides



Check Area Overlaps - Zone/Fill (Japanese version only)



Show Zone in 3D Based Views



Selective PDF Import



Auto-texts for Master/Layouts



Offset Copy of Circle



Level Dimension Improvements



Navigator Search



Door-window object developments for Japanese Library



Small library developments



Extend Library Part Maker to all localized versions



Extend Kitchen Cabinet's Documentation and Modelling Capabilities



Update properties in hot-link modules



Additional Surface Catalog



Ability to set up multiple SAF translators and other related smaller improvements



Allowing multiple profiles to be used to describe a complex segment, so analytical calculations can ...



Ability to derive imposed loads (space usage) from the zones defined by the architect during design ...



Validated and reliable Building Material data out of the box



Makes the Frilo connection a one-click export process



RFA and RVT Geometry Exchange

Open BIM


Export Component-Level Data to IFC

Open BIM


Technical Information


Hardware and Software Requirements


Hardware and software requirements are modified from time to time. For up-to-date information on system requirements, please follow this link:

File Compatibility


Archicad Start Edition 2023 will be able to open files that were created with:

  • Start Edition 2006 or newer versions
  • Archicad 8.1 and 9


Start Edition 2023 files can be opened with:

Saving projects files:

Files created in Archicad Start Edition 2023 can be saved as:

  • Archicad SE 2023 Solo Project (*.pln)
  • Archicad SE 2023 Project Template (*.tpl)
  • Archicad SE 2023 Archive Project (*.pla)




In the following steps, we take you through the process of installing Archicad Start Edition 2023 on a stand-alone workstation. Archicad Start Edition is available by electronic delivery or on DVD, depending on your market. For details, contact your distributor.


Electronic Delivery

Download Archicad Start Edition 2023 to your computer, then proceed with the installation.

Install from DVD

Insert the Archicad Start Edition 2023 DVD into your computer’s DVD-ROM drive. To avoid performance issues, it is recommended that you first copy the installer from the DVD to your computer and install the program from there.


Macintosh users

1) Go into the “Mac” folder.

2) Copy the Archicad-Start-2023....dmg file to your computer.

3) Double-click the dmg file.

4) In the appearing volume, double-click the to start the installation wizard.

Windows users

1) Go into the “Win” folder.

2) Copy the Archicad-Start-2023....exe file to your computer.

3) Double-click the exe file to start the installation wizard.


After that, follow the detailed installation instructions to install Archicad Start Edition 2023. If you encounter any problem during installation please check this page.




To uninstall Archicad Start Edition 2023 from Windows, it is best to use the “Programs” or “Add or Remove Programs” utility, accessible from the Control Panel.
You can also browse to your Archicad Start Edition 2023 folder and execute the uninstaller in the Uninstall.AC subfolder.


On a Mac, navigate to the “Uninstall.AC” folder in your Archicad Start Edition 2023 folder, and select the “” application.

The Uninstall Wizard will remove files which were installed by the Archicad Installation Wizard. CodeMeter and associated components are not removed.

The uninstaller will not remove any files you have created in the Archicad main folder - e.g. Archicad project files that you saved into the Archicad main folder.

For Silent uninstall check the Install Guide.



When you start Archicad, the program automatically checks to see if you have a license available. If so, you are ready to work. To update, download and otherwise manage your license keys, use the License Manager Tool. The License Manager Tool is automatically installed to your computer as part of the installation of Start Edition. It is also available for download at:

Hardware Key

The Hardware Key (Dongle) contains your license information on a USB stick. Before you start using the latest version of Archicad Start Edition, this Hardware Key must be updated. For the update process, start the License Manager Tool (LMT) and follow the directions. See: Now you are ready to use Start Edition 2023.


Note: After updating your license key to Archicad Start Edition 2023, you can still use all earlier Start Edition versions. (To run SE 2008 or SE 2009, you must have its latest hotfix installed.)


Software Key

The Software Key is a software-based license. Using the License Manager Tool, a software key can be downloaded from the License Pool to a local client Computer. To download a software key, start the License Manager Tool (LMT) and follow the directions. See:


If you are using a single license and plan to work on a different computer, you should upload the software key to the License Pool, so that you can access it from a different location. (Internet connection is required.)



Demo Mode


When you start Archicad, the program automatically checks to see if you have a license available. If you don’t have a license at all, you can continue in Demo Mode. Demo Mode gives you full functionality except file saving. Use Demo mode to open, view and try out functions. The unavailable commands and menu items are disabled, and the Archicad title bar changes to: Archicad SE 2023 Demo. Your Archicad program may also be restricted to Demo mode for the following reasons:


  • No key is attached to your computer
  • All of your Archicad licenses are in use
  • Your Hardware Key is defective
  • CodeMeter service is not running



Lost or Defective License Key


In case of a lost or defective License Key, contact your local Archicad distributor.


Add or Repair Archicad Start Edition 2023

If you already have Archicad Start Edition 2023 installed, and start the Installation Wizard, you are given two options:

1) Add will add new features to your current installation. You will see all available features in a list, and you can check features to be added to your current installation.

2) Repair will reinstall Archicad Start Edition 2023 with the features of your current installation.


  • The Repair process will revert your Archicad Start Edition 2023 version to its default settings. After Repair, you must reinstall the latest Archicad Start Edition 2023 and Library updates.
  • Project files you saved into the Archicad SE 2023 folder will not be deleted or overwritten by the repair process.

Updates for Archicad Start Edition 2023

To check for available updates of your localized version of Archicad SE 2023 or Archicad SE 2023 libraries, start Archicad SE 2023 and do any of the following:

  • Use Help > Check for Updates
  • Open the Action Center (File > Info > Action Center) and select the Updates item to see notifications on any updates available for download.
  • For automatic checking: Set the Check for Updates options in Options > Work Environment > Network and Update. You will be notified if a new library or program version matching your Archicad language version is available, which you can then download. The Check for Updates command takes you to the Graphisoft update website. If there is a new update patch available, the web page will automatically offer you the updater package that fits your current Archicad installation. You can find other downloadable materials (example files, goodies etc.) at:


Note: If you have an updater patch installed and use the Add/Repair function of the Archicad SE 2023 Installer, you will be prompted to re-apply the updates after the modification or repair is carried out.

Find information about the previous versions of Start Edition in this article.


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