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How to Install Archicad?

Emoke Csikos

This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.

What machine do I need to run Archicad?

Where can I find the installer of Archicad? 

A new version of Archicad is released each year. You can always find the installer of the latest version on GRAPHISOFT's download site. Log in with your Graphisoft ID or sign up. Click on the link, then select the installer version that matches your machine's operating system (Windows or macOS) and click on it. Define the location of the file on your computer then go ahead and download it.

How does the installer work? 

You need to launch the installer you have just downloaded by simply double clicking on it. Then follow the instructions of the wizard. See details in this guide.
If you are the BIM Manager in the company, see how you can install Archicad on multiple machines in this guide.

Having troubles installing Archicad?

Find help in this troubleshooting article or contact your local Archicad distributor for advice.

How can I repair the installation of Archicad?

In certain cases, you might need to repair the installation of the program. See how you can do it, follow the instructions in the article Repair Archicad Installation or Preferences - Troubleshooting Guide.

Start working in Archicad

Now that you have successfully installed Archicad, you can start working with it. Please find useful information to go on in the article titled Start Working in Archicad.

How can I update Archicad?

What is an update? 

In between two major releases of Archicad, GRAPHISOFT ships improvements and new functionalities for the software in the form of updates. These are released regularly and are available through the Check for Updates notification system in Archicad (Help > Check for Updates...). It is recommended to regularly update your Archicad using the latest update installer.

You can find the latest updates of Archicad for all language versions on GRAPHISOFT's download site.
These work the same way as the initial installers of Archicad. You have to download then run them to install the update.

It is the build number that tells you which sub-version of the program you are running. You can check the build number by going to Help menu > About Archicad. An image of the signature building of Archicad will pop up displaying the build number in the upper left corner.
Updates are also identified by their build numbers. After you install an update, you will see that the build number of Archicad has increased.







To learn more about Archicad updates please read this guide.

How can I uninstall Archicad?

If you wish to uninstall Archicad, see how you can do it, follow the instructions in the article Uninstall Archicad.


 NOTE: On macOS it is not enough to simply drag the Archicad folder and move it to the Trash. You have to follow the steps of the guide mentioned above to properly uninstall Archicad.


This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.

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