Update: you can now download the native Archicad for Apple silicon using this link.



Good news for Archicad users!


As announced at the Archicad 26 Launch Event, we are pleased to share with you the Technology Preview version of Archicad 26 running natively on ARM processors.


The full commercial version will be released as planned in Q4 2022. For now, users can enjoy and test the benefits in performance of this Technology Preview version with some minor limitations:


  • Sketchup I/O format is not available
  • 3DConnection space mouse is not supported


All the remaining functionalities will run as in the latest Archicad 26 release — only faster!


After the installation, you will notice a brand-new desktop icon with a rainbow halo.




Also, in the License Information dialog, the Version field is extended with the Apple silicon label.





Please note that due to the nature of this being a Technology Preview, the release will only be available on the INT version and will be available for use until April 1, 2023.


To ensure access to Archicad 26 ARM, you must:


  • Possess a valid Archicad 26 license
  • Give full disc access to the Archicad 26 Technology Preview during the installation process
  • Login with GSID at start-up
  • Allow collection of anonymous usage data in the Help/Usage Logs menu


Together, we can analyze any unforeseen issues and fix them in time for the commercial release in Q4 2022, as well as confirm the performance results we experienced during the internal tests.


We look forward to working with you on providing best-in-class BIM solutions adapted to the most advanced technology enhancements.


Product Success Team



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