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22 archicad- large file weight

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Hello bigedimo,

We have to consider that if we put manual updating of drawings on the sheets, that mean our drawings are saved into our file like our own gsm into embedded library. It can be very heavy !

Are you working with a pln file or through bimcloud ?
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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
bigedimo wrote:
Hello everyone! I work at 22 ArchiCAD. I noticed some kind of bug, when I put manual updating of drawings on the sheets, the file size increases by 3-4 times. Returning to automatic update does not help.

Actually, the field that controls this is the "Store Drawing in the Project file" checkbox below the "Manual" radio button. What you will notice is that when the "Manual" option is selected, the "Store Drawing in the Project file" checkbox is automatically checked and grayed so it cannot be modified. This causes the whole contents of the Viewpoint to be stored and saved in the Project File, probably this is what causes the file size increase.

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