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Installation & update
About program installation and update, hardware, operating systems, setup, etc.

3D window problems

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AC 21 is extremely slow in 3D.

1) It cuts elements very far from camera.
2) 3D cutting doesn't work, ac freezes every time I try to edit in 3D cut.
3) Sometimes everything is hidden in ac, but when I hit cmd+A, the selected elements' selection will be visible.

macOS 10.12, AC 21 4022, with GH connection (GH doesn't work either...)
The clipping issue could be caused by objects being very far from the project origin. Try using the Marquee tool around the main portion of the project and seeing if that fixes the clipping issue.
AC 6-27 - Intel i9-9900K - RTX3090 - Windows 11 - 64GB RAM
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The point is that all of the project is in the near of project origin.
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I found out, that too many solid element operations can be the reason for it. Can I check somehow all of the SEOs in the project?
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