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well i had a dual pIII 800 with 1.5g sdram...but now i have a p4 1.6a, i cant have both computer runing cuase i want to get some money from i need to be sure witch is better for me in performance,3dmodeling,render....i also work with audio production....well...i know that dual has to be supported by the OS...(i use xp)...and by the soft that u are question is does AC..acctually uses dual processor?...if yes..then..would it be better to keep my pIII800 and give sell the p41.6...or any other recomendation?!

thnx in advance!
hydroponik wrote:
my question is does AC..acctually uses dual processor?...if yes..
Not directly; however, it allows you to ease the load on one processor if you have the ArchiCAD and PlotMaker open simultaneously (the usual stuff) or ArchiCAD and Art•Lantis ... or two apps in general.

Of course, make sure you have enough RAM ...


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HP Omen
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but does it has better performance than a single p4 1.6ghz?....
David Larrew
Because AC and PM are not multi-threaded applications, I think you will see better performance in AC/PM from the single faster P4 than the dual PIIIs (but not by much - just based on the processor speeds). In your case, the only reason to keep the dual CPU machine would be if you were using other true multi-threaded applications or using it as a multipurpose server.
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I use a rig that's a dual Athon MP2400 CPUs along with a GFTi4600 128 mb video card. and 1GB memory
It's been my experience that to work smoothly and without those pesky slow-downs....i.e... slow 3D regens, slow 2D plan regens, and overall snappy feel, my current set up is pretty good bang for the buck. We do have a few P4s with Hyperthreading but I can still notice that the dualie rigs are quicker.
Video card is very important in my opinion. If you dont believe me.....pop in a cheap 64mb card and pull up the Orchard Example project....rotate the whole axon model...ugggg!
Then go to the 2D plan view....use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.....uggg again!..way tooo slow!
Pop your 128mb or better card back in and youll notice the differnence.
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so your suggestion is to keep the dual?....what do u think dual pIII 800 better than a p41.6.....ive being for a week in the p4....and i notice start up xp is a bit faster..but after that...opening windows are more slow...when i to make copy a file from disk to diske and open an getting out of forums theme...but i need some advice:p
Aussie John
why isnt Archicad multi processor aware? i certainly hope GS is working on that department, after all if it is going to make the application run faster, then that is a benefit to all CAD professionals.
Cheers John
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Stephen Dolbee
I also hope GS works on this. Dual processor workstations are now more available and affordable than ever before. (owner of a Dell precision 650).

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The P3 dualie you have now was a pretty monster rig not too long ago. But alas times, technology and apps change. And with XP Pro wanting more power you almost have to use a serious rig to run multiple apps like most of us do.
Hell...on any given day I'll have AC8.1 running along with MS Excel ( gotta make invoices ya know!), Word.......Opera Web Browser, and sometimes I'll forget that Artlantis is running...ouch!
With dual cpus I can still work in AC8 and see no slow downs.
The P4s with hyperthreading do work better than those without. We have a few - P4 2.8. Ive heard that the higher end ones- P4 3.0 or higher rock esp. if you overclock, buts that's a whole nother topic.
With the new AMD Opterions and higher end P4s still priced like gold, you can snag a pretty decent pre-built dualie now. Dells Precision workstations are great but overpriced I think. Check out sale or trade)..There's always some geekoid who's wanting the latest-greatest set up and are selling off their current rigs.
But take it from me......AC8 openGl wants a fast video card. Save your money by not buying the latest greatest P4 and buy lots 'o ram, fast video card, and decent HD.
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Does anybody know if the new Apple G5 Dual processor and OSX Panther has any influence on the dual processor performance of AC 8? Since i want to get one of these G5 2.0 Ghz mashines i am not sure if AC works properly with it and i don´t want to change from 7.0 to 8.1 without the change of my hardware too.

Wolfgang Kurz
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