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ATI Raedon Xpress 200 series omega 3.8.442

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I m using ArchiCAD 12 with Graphics card - Raedon Xpress 200 series omega 3.8.442 ,RAM - 2 GB

On working in big project around 900 objects, when going for 3D with openGL 3D engine, the model showing only the wire frame and cannot be able to proceed.

I m wondering whether it is due to my Graphics card problem or some other?
since i checked in the list of results from Archiwiki, there is no such graphics card available

should i need to increase the RAM

Can any one help me out?
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Hi Jabe,

I believe that Xpress 200 is the chipset, not the graphics card. Have a look at the display properties which should tell you the graphics chip used.

It is also worth downloading the polycount goodie. The link to the goodies is found on the help menu in AC. This will tell you if there is an excessive number of polygons in the model.

The graphics card may simply be too slow to cope with the load, so increasing the RAM probably won't help. All you can do is try turning off the parts with the highest polycount, and see if it helps.
Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
the Radeon Xpress is indeed a chipset, and it includes an integrated Radeon X300 graphics chip.
This was at the bottom of the range when it came out in 2005, and is now very long in the tooth. not to mention that it's of the 'I will steal your RAM whenever I feel like it' variety, which is never good news.
There's probably not much you can do to improve matters. try updating your drivers, but if that doesn't help, then only a new Graphics card will.
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